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Dev Work July 16, 2012

Jun 16, 2012 at 7:47 PM
Edited Jun 16, 2012 at 7:52 PM

Hi guys,

Working on learning Entity Framework to make things a little cleaner when it comes to mapping the code to the database. Here is a screenshot of the schema so far.
EF seems like a nice tool: you can access the parts of your schema like they are objects and then just call "SaveChanges" on a context associated with the schema to get the updates, inserts and deletes to all happen. Should be nice with things like forms where users are entering in new tests and such.

Problem with entity framework that I notice (using 4.1 on VS 2010 Ultimate Win 7 64 Ultimate): building database from model seems to crash VS. It does create the DDL file needed for sql server so I just open that in SQL Management Studio and run it and everything is fine but not as clean a process as I would hope. Seems like others have problems getting EF working in the first place. I did too. Didn't show the templates had to manually install it again from my VS installation disk then upgrade to 4.1. Not clean but still better than coding models by hand.

Also using SQL Server 2012 Express for the first time. Pretty nice. Since it is free and most small to mid sized companies aren't going to need more than 10GB of data to store their QA seems like a good product. If they have to upgrade to full blown SQL migration should be easy. Never quite understood why installing a DBMS (even a light one like the express edition) should take ~1 hr though, MySQL, PostGres, and the like have a much better setup story. SQL LocalDB might be nice too but I want users to be able to connect from several machines simultaneously and see updates live, not sure/convinced LOCALDB is the right solution for that.